Teaching Tip Tuesday: 10 Ways to Flip a Student

I first saw this picture/info-graphic posted by "We Are Teachers" on Twitter (I highly recommend following this organization because they are always posting great tips and tricks for the classroom). On further investigation, I noticed this diagram was created by Vicki Davis and Sylvia Duckworth. This picture is helpful for all grade levels.

If we try our best to follow these tips, then we may prevent a lot of misbehavior from occurring.
1. Re-believe in a child.
2. Stand there and care as they enter the classroom.
3. Notice kids who need extra attention and give it.
4. Be genuinely interested in your students.
5. Be positive.
6. Talk privately with kids who act out.
7. Pull up a chair.
8. Compliment them to their parents or someone important.
9. Use grace in your discipline.
10. Do something extra.

My favorite one is being genuinely interested in your students. Just talking to the students and asking them how things are going can mean the world to the students. It also builds a relationship between the teacher and student. We need those relationships for when bad days and good days occur. Do you have a favorite from the list above? Or, is there a certain way that you like to flip a student around?

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