T-TESS Thursday: Power Zone

Our High School campus has been reading the book titled, The Fundamental Five by Sean Cain and Mike Laird. One point, the authors bring out is teachers are most effective in the Power Zone. The Power Zone is in close proximity to the students- in the middle of the students, beside the group of students, or working with an individual or two students. When teachers fail to be in the Power Zone, that is when administrators see disengagement or discipline issues. 

This got me thinking... In Dimension 3.2 (Managing Student Behavior), if teachers are in the Power Zone, then it should be more easy to reach the goal of "consistently monitor behavior subtly, reinforce positive behaviors appropriately and intercept misbehavior fluidly."

One thing is certain, if we are NOT in our work area, and

we are NOT in the front of the room the entire period,

then we may be able to catch some misbehavior before it happens!