Web Tool Wednesday: Using Tricider for Class Discussions

Have you tried Tricider (http://www.tricider.com/)?

Tricider is a useful tool for collecting ideas and voting. It just made collaboration ten times easier.

How to use Tricider in the classroom:
English- Use it with the story you are reading...What character trait does Ellen reveal?
Math- Use it as a poll and then graph answers (open up the poll to just your classes or the entire world), or ask, how will you use this math in the real world?
Science- Ask a discussion question- How do scientists use the scientific method?
History- Use it as a discussion question. What is the most important battle during the Civil War and why?
*Use it with your colleagues to discuss ideas for lessons.

How Tricider works:

1. Go to http://www.tricider.com/create?q=education. Enter in a question, add a first answer (optional), and then click "save and continue" button.

2. Choose to turn it into a contest or skip this step.
3. Decide how you want to share your question- Embed in blog, Send out invitations, Publish in Tricider Idea Space (public- anyone can answer it). If you just want your class or colleagues to share answers, then click the "send out invitations" button. Or, just email or copy and paste the link into Google Classroom to share. Next click "jump to last step" button.
4. You can either create a free account or just use the admin link to manage the discussion. Then click the "finish" button to see your question.
5. On this screen, you can change the days left, share and invite, add an idea, add an argument (pros or cons to start a debate), and/or vote on a certain idea.

Let us know how you use Tricider in your classroom!!