Digital Citizenship Week: Monday Reflections with Kim Strauss

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Mrs. Kim Strauss
Director of Information Technology

What does Digital Citizenship mean to you?

Being a citizen means belonging to a community and helping the community to operate, grow, and remain safe for all members. Digital citizenship means the same thing, only the community is found online. So, being kind to others on email, text message, and social media is being a good digital citizen. Producing content, like this blog, that provides grow opportunities, is being a good digital citizen.

How do you stay safe online in the digital world of today?

When using online resources, including websites and social media, always look for authenticity. Are they offering something free? Your data is being sold. Do you know the person speaking to you face to face? Then, why are you communicating online? Does the website have a security certificate? Keeping vigilant and watching your surroundings is always a good idea.

What are some tips you can give to our students to make sure they are practicing good Digital Citizenship?

Students can simply ask themselves 3 questions: is the information I am writing online true? is it nice? is it a good use of my time allowing me and others to grow?

How can teachers enforce Digital Citizenship easily into their lessons?

Teachers can provide students an opportunity to express opinions, work as a group, and evaluate online information. If the teacher gives the standard of true, kind, and growth, students can practice these characteristics until they become a habit.

What site do you think students use the most for social media? And, how can students stay safe on this site?
Students use Instagram and Snapchat. Both of these sites are based on photography. The principals stated above hold true here as well. Is the photo a kind representation of the moment? If shown to future employers, would it show that I am growing as an individual, learning and experiencing new things? Am I using my time is a wise manner? Am I building a network of positive people around me or am I wasting time looking at negative images that hurt others?

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