Fab Find Friday: Brain Rush

This past week, I had a friend introduce me to BrainRush. I was instantly in love, and I started thinking of all the ways it could be used, too. 

First, what is BrainRush?
According to BrainRush's website, it is learning games that can be created, shared, and played.

Second, do I create the game or is it created already?
The answer is both. You can choose from games already created or create your own game.

Third, how do I get started?
You can choose from an already created game, and you can give link to students. They do not need to sign in, if you are not keeping their progress. Or, you can sign in and start creating a game.

Did you find a good BrainRush game, or did you create an awesome one? Share in our comments below.

*Thanks to my friend for sharing this tool with me. It does go to say, we are always better together.