Fab Find Friday: Scholastic Story Starters

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Today's Fab Find Friday comes from an awesome Brenham ISD teacher, +Kaci Murphy.  Scholastic Story Starters helps bring out the creativity in our students by setting them up with really fun writing prompts.  Have your students go to: https://goo.gl/RQUKl.  Have the students choose between Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Scrambler.

Next have the students type their full name, name, or nickname.  Also, choose their appropriate grade.

Now the students can crank the lever to see their writing prompt.

Once they have their writing prompt, they can choose a writing format.  Choices are: Notebook, Letter, Newspaper, or Postcard.

Students will be able to write in the fields and fill out their prompt.

Once completed, the students can either print or download as a PDF.  Our students, who use Chromebooks, are encouraged to download and immediately upload to Google Drive.  From here they share with their teachers.   

Happy Writing!!!

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