TTESS Thursday: Who Can Help You With Your Smart Goal?

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What does your SMART goal look like for TTESS? Who can help you with this goal?
I stumbled along this post by Gabriel Carrillo on Twitter. A teacher has posted her Smart Goal and has put down an action plan. What is your action plan, and who is going to help you accomplish your goal? These are questions for teachers to think about. 

Did you talk about the use of technology in your classroom? If so, then talk to your Instructional Technology Specialist on campus. We ITS are always ready to help implement, model, and co-teach. Let us help you easily integrate technology into your curriculum.

Did you talk about the use of different instructional strategies? If so, contact an Instructional Specialist/Coach. These guys know all about implementing a variety of strategies in your lesson.

Did you talk about the use of a content specific information in your lessons? If so, check out a conference that may be right for you. OR, follow teachers that teach your content subject on Twitter. They always have great ideas to share. 
Who to follow?
Preschool- @Teach_Preschool
High School English- @EnglishComp
Reading Specialist- @teachmama
Early Childhood Learning- @noflashcards
Educational Technology- @teachertoolkit
Technology Integration- @jutecht
Math- @mathsatschool @davidwees
Science- @tesScience @dannynic
History- @mrsthorne @nickdennis
Kinder- @differkinder
PE Teacher- @PENathan
CTE- @actecareertech
Spanish- @placido @senorg

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