Web Tool Wednesday: Videos Shared Through Google Drive.

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Why are the videos I share through Google Classroom to my students not working when they try to open them?  Last we heard, Google is still working hard to resolve this issue.  However, we have a quick fix to help until that point.
When sharing a video or video link from your Google Drive in Google Classroom, we have noticed that when the students go to open it, they get this message:
"Whoops!  There was a problem playing this video."
If your students get this message, do not fret, your awesome #bisdwired team is here to help.  Just have them go up to the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner.  Click on the three vertical dots and you'll see this:
Have your students click on, "Open in new window", this will allow your students to view the video.  So far this workaround has been working for us in our district, and we've read on many Google Support forums that it's working with others too.

Hope this little trick works for you until Google resolves the issue.

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Jess Powell said...

You can right click on the link and "open in a new tab" and it works, too