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Fab Find Friday: Photo Scan App

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No matter if you are Baby Boomer, Generation X, or a Millennial, you most likely have pictures that are only in printed form.  If you ever tried to take a picture of a picture and share it to Facebook or some other digital media, you usually found it had a glare or was a little fuzzy.  Well once again Google saves the day. 
Google has released the Photo Scan app which you can read more about here

This app removes the glare by having you "scan" your photo by taking the full picture then moving your phone through 4 positions. It's easier than it sounds;)
This is a picture of my son from inside a picture frame.  No glare whatsoever.   
The App will recommend you also download Google Photos to store, but it will also save any picture straight to your camera roll if you wish. 

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