Monday Reflections with Students: Caroline Schulze

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Monday Reflections with Caroline Schulze


What are you liking the most about BHS right now?

I am liking cross country the most right now. I love all of my teammates because they push me to do my best everyday, whether it’s running or school.

What lesson have you enjoyed the most in your classes?

I have most enjoyed Coach Cook’s lessons about the different sections of the AP US History book we read.

What technology tool do you most like using in class?

I most like using Google Classroom because I can see all the information that all of my teachers need to give me in one application.

What is one thing that you appreciate when teachers do?

I appreciate when teachers recognize students’ hard work in and out of the classroom. The amount of hours that we spend in school and spend doing homework, sports, arts, etc. are astounding, so I appreciate when teachers commend us on these actions.

In the past week, what is one new concept to you that you learned in class?

This week, I learned about angles on an inclined plane in physics.

What are you looking forward to this school year?

I am looking forward to learning many new things. I am also looking forward to hopefully making a 3 or above on my AP test, so that I can receive college credit for my classes.

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