Teaching Tip Tuesday: Changing Up the Seating Ideas

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Changing Up the Seating

At the end of the year, on one of my classroom surveys, I had a student ask me why I never changed up the seating arrangement. The student suggested changing the seating up. The next year, I changed the seating arrangement every six weeks from horseshoe, to pairs, to groups of four, to three in a row, and more. After talking to some other teachers, sometimes teachers change up their seating twice in a day to accommodate what they are doing. It is a lot of work moving chairs, tables, and desks, but it is so worth it to the students. They look forward to you changing up the seating. 

Sometimes, it is hard to think of a fresh new way for seating, so we have snapped some pictures of different seating arrangements by your fellow teachers from every grade level. Check out the pictures in the slideshow below.

In our older blog post from #bisdwired: Classroom by design, we talk about seating arrangements, too. Please check it out for more ideas.

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