Fab Find Friday: File Upload Option on Your Google Forms

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Have you noticed that Google Forms has added an option? Students can now upload a file (picture, pdf, doc, slides, etc.) into the form.
file upload.png

When you are making a form, you simply click the "plus sign" and click the option "file upload" from the drop-down menu choices. Imagine asking students to find an example what you just taught. Now, they can upload it to their quiz. 

These are the options of file type choices:

Keep in mind that once the student uploads the file, the ownership is transferred to you, the owner of the form. The form is then stored in a folder in your drive. See image below.

*This file upload option is only available for G Suite customers with a Google Form shared within their organization (this is why they will be required to sign-in to their Google account). 

How can you use this new file upload option in Google Forms?
*Students can upload an example on a quiz.
*Students can submit certificates to you through the form.
*Students can upload pictures of their winter or summer break.
*Students can upload permission slips.
*Students can upload a picture of their t-shirt design or idea.
*The possibilities are endless!

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