Fab Find Friday: Flippity is Now an Add-On to Sheets

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Flippity is Now an Add-On for Sheets
We all love Flippity.net because you can randomly group students into groups of 2, 3, 4, 5, teams, or single name. Flippity also is great for flashcards, spelling words, hangman games, and more. With Flippity, you can easily take your spreadsheet of names or words already created and paste it into their spreadsheet. Now it just got even easier.
The best part about Flippity is it is all in Google Sheets, and now there is an add-on in sheets you can get to make Flippity do its magic in seconds. Go to your sheets in Google Drive, click "Get Add-Ons" and look for the Flippity Add-On. Once you have added the Flippity Add-On, you just need to go to add-ons, Flippity, and choose a template when you are ready to use it. Once you select your template, it does all the work in seconds, and now you have a link that will go to your personalized flash cards, name generator, or whichever template you chose.

Take your data and turn it into anything you want! See how easy it was for me.

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