Fab Find Friday: Print Friendly Extension

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Fab Find Idea Found by Mary Schulze
Print Friendly Extension

I know you are probably thinking, please not one more extension! However, if an extension can help you be more productive, then why not add another one?! I mean look at how many extensions I have racked up, but I enjoy each one of my extensions. If I need to delete one, I always can.

The extension Print Friendly was introduced to me by an English teacher. She had found a website with a list of poems for the AP test, but she did not want everything else on the webpage to print. She chose what she wanted to print and deleted what she did not want. Not only did she save paper and ink, but she made the page she printed much cleaner looking.

How does it work?
1. Find your webpage that you want to print and click your extension.

2. It will turn the webpage into a print friendly version (no advertisements), and now you can start deleting text and pictures you do not want.

3. This is how it will look after taking out images and text.

4. Now, you can save it as a PDF, email it, or print it. Check out the undo button just in case you delete something you did not want to delete.

Print Friendly is the way to go when you want a clean version!

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