Guest Blog: Recap Tutorial via Suzanne Barker @Mrs_BarkerTech

Today's guest blog post comes from Suzanne Barker (@SBarkerEDU).  Suzanne is an Instructional Coach and Google Certified Trainer in Colleyville, TX.  This shared post is from her blog: "Ponderings Of A Lifelong Learner".  Thank you Suzanne for contributing to Brenham Tech Daily!

Let's Recap is a free video response application available on the web or as an app for students in the iTunes store. Recap allows a teacher to create a class and then post a question to either the entire class, a small group of students or an individual student.  Students respond to the prompt with a video reflection.  The teacher then receives a collection of all student responses.

Recap can be used as a formative assessment.  A recap could be assigned to students at the end of the day as an exit ticket and then the recap video could be played the next day to reconnect students to the learning.  Did your students learn a new concept in science and you would like for them to explain their learning? Assign a recap!  Are your students learning a language? They could respond to a prompt to practice their fluency! Are your students reading various books and you would like to have a quick summary of certain elements in their book? Assign a recap! This is a great tool to begin to build a reflective practice with your students. If you would like to explore other ideas, read this blog post by Dr. Bryan Drost Recap Activities

When you sign up, select "Teacher"

You will then "Add A Class"

Name your class and determine how students should sign in.

Accounts can be created using a Google sign in. Although Let's Recap suggests this option for students, we currently suggest students using a code.  Currently, if a student joins with their Google account, they can only be a part of one class.  As a matter of privacy, if you were to share your class review reel, we suggest adding students by initials or first name only.

Once your class is created, click on "Get Class Pin"
 A window will appear on the website for students to join and the class pin.  Note: If students go to they will not have the opportunity to enter the pin. Please note the sign in with a pin requires the URL

Once your class is created, you can begin to create Recaps by clicking "Add Recap"
Your recap is automatically named by the date, but you can change it to meet your needs.

You can add more than one question. In addition, if you want your students to have a verbal prompt or you believe they may struggle to read your prompt, you can record a video for your question that will appear above your prompt.

After you have created your questions, you can choose to assign to your whole class, a group of students, or an individual student.  Teachers then select the maximum time limit for the student responses.  The options are 15s, 30s, 1 min, or 2 min.  You can also choose to include an "Assess Yourself" poll. This feature allows a teacher to do a quick assessment to see how students feel about their learning.

As students respond, teachers get instant feedback and access to their recap video.

"Play All" allows a teacher to begin playing the reflections and Recap cycles through all students who respond. By clicking the three dots, an individual student's video can easily be emailed to a parent so they can share in the learning.  Recap will then create a highlight movie of student responses that can be shared via a link! Here is a sample Recap Review Reel, My Favorite Story  Currently, you cannot edit the Review Reel, but the app developers promise that option is coming soon!

You can find detailed tutorials at this link How To Use Recap

Let's Recap is still in beta, so check back often for updates as they are working on many improvements.


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