Teaching Tip Tuesday: Teaching with GIFs

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Teaching with GIFs

What is a GIF? In plain English, it is a graphic image that moves. Here is an example of a GIF:

Now, how can we use GIFs in teaching? GIFs can be used to capture the students' attention at the beginning of a lesson (hook), they can be used to teach a concept, they can be used to state a startling fact, they can be used to show mastery of a topic, and more. Teachers can use GIFs they find by going to places like- http://giphy.com/.

OR, teachers can create their own GIFs to go along with their lesson. Check out some of the simple GIFs that I created (feel free to use)-
*How to solve an equation!

*Scientific Process

*Learn about procedural texts.

How do you create GIFs? I use Google Drawings + Free GIF Maker. First, I create my images (pictures or description) in Google Drawing. Then, I go to File- Download as- JPEG. Next, I go to this website- http://gifmaker.me/, and I upload my images that I just made in Google Drawing. In this gifmaker website, it lets you re-order your images and change different settings (like how fast you want your GIF to play). You can also preview your GIF on the right while you are creating it. When you are satisfied with your GIF, you can view it and download it to use.

Check out some of these GIFs I found-


Another idea to teach with GIFs is letting your students create the GIF. You would be surprised with all the creative GIFs they can create.

*Need more? @meaghanohara1 has some great ideas on her Google Slides, as well.
**Also, last year, we posted about making GIFs. Check out this article to review it.

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