Web Tool Wednesday: Community WiFi Map

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Have you ever wondered how many businesses or restaurants in your town offer free wifi?  We did.  So with the help of Google My Maps, we did just that.  We created a map of all the known locations in town that supply free wifi.  Then, the amazing +Brittni Branton and +Kim Strauss turned the digital map into a helpful poster (pictured above).  These posters will be placed throughout the community and schools.  Each poster contains a link to the digital map and a QR code to be scanned that also links to the digital map.

We've also begun the conversation with a few local businesses on incentives to bring in students to use their business and free wifi.  For example:  If a student comes in with a BISD wifi punch card, after you punch it, can they have a free drink or something like that.  Once they complete all the punches (or stickers) on their wifi card, they can possibly redeem it at the BISD Tech Dept for a prize.
Our goal with this wifi map is to build connections with our students and the community.  We think that we are currently on the right track!  We are excited to see where this project takes us!  We're encouraging other districts to follow this idea and create their own for their community!

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