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Fab Find Friday: Adding Google Drive Videos into Google Slides

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Insert Google Drive Videos Into Your Google Slides!
This awesome new update to your Google Slides will be extremely helpful to districts that have YouTube blocked for students.  This new feature will now allow you to add videos directly from your Google Drive into your Google Slides presentation.  
Once in a Google Slides presentation, go to Insert.  From here, choose insert video.  At the top of the menu, you will be given two options (YouTube or Google Drive).  Once you choose Google Drive, you have options to search your drive for the correct video.
  • Make sure you have changed your shared permissions so your students will be able to view it.  If a person doesn't have the permission to view they'll be prompted to request access.
  • You still have the ability to choose when to start or stop your video, choose autoplay or not, and the ability to mute or play sound.  Right-click on the video and select video options.
  • This option is available now.

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