Fab Find Friday: Extension that Saves to Google Drive Instantly

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Are you using the extension Save to Google Drive?
I have tons of extensions, and I have used Google Drive for a long time, but I think I have been missing out. I just now discovered that Save to Google Drive extension would save me so much time. This extension will save web content instantly to my Google Drive. 

Click here to get the extension- Save to Google Drive.

After adding the extension, how do I use it?
If you see an image or link on the web, then right-click on the image or link. Next, click "save to Google Drive" on the drop down menu.
You can click on the Save to Google Drive chrome extension and save the image (see below).

Now, that you have the basics down; next week, I will add-on to this extension. I will share the extensions that I picked up from Alice Keeler and Matt Miller that will save you some time and energy. Stay tuned for those extensions next week!

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