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"Watch Weather With Pleasure"

YoWindow Free Weather Chrome Extension is awesome for any classroom!  I would have totally used this when I was teaching writing, or science!  Easy to use, accurate weather, and beautiful interface make this a great grab of an extension to get!

What is YoWindow
  • Weather station with living landscapes. The landscape reflects weather and time.
  • What's new? - New Town landscape! - Scroll to October 31 to see Halloween surprises we prepared for you. 
  • This is the most loved weather extension for Chrome - 5 stars
  • Feel the magic of YoWindow - see living landscapes reflecting the weather. Original YoWindow is #1 Weather App on Windows according to download.com. 
  • What's inside? - Living weather picture - real cloud coverage, rain/snow, fog, grass swings to the wind, Sun, Moon, mist, thunderstorms... 
  • Full featured weather station - lots of information - Time-scroll - see weather at any moment - 
  • Animated landscapes - Village, Seaside, Airport plus 1400+ picture based landscapes - 
  • Turn any picture into landscape with living sky - Get ready for surprises :-) 
  • We hope now you will love watching the weather as we did.
Easy to find extension that changes based on weather and temperature!

Some features I enjoyed:
  • The ease of having it as a quick click extension via my Google Chrome Browser.
  • Uses your location to find your local, and current weather conditions.
  • Very visual with excellent customization. 
  • Easy scroll button to change the time of day.
  • Full analytics that can be used in a science, geography or math class.  Including temperature, wind speed, humidity, pressure, sunrise, sunset, day length, and moon phase.
  • Easy to quickly check during the school day, and doesn't interrupt your tabs.  

App smash with Google Earth, Google Maps, or Google My Maps to discuss the patterns of weather with certain geographical locations in the world.  Learn more about your community and how weather affects your day.  Great extension for the lower grades when combining with your calendar time or morning routines.  

Take your instruction to the next level with this awesome, easy to use Google Chrome Extension!

+YoWindow Weather or follow on twitter: @yowindow

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