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Monday Mention: Feedback & Assessment Tools via the @BISDwiredTeam

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When planning lessons or upcoming units, teachers typically ask us what digital tools will best fit into their plans.  They have the content, we provide the instructional tool to utilize for feedback, assessments and much more.  This year, we've been connecting our Technology tools to T-TESS Dimensions.  For this blog post, we compiled our favorite feedback and assessment tools for you.  Each tool is linked to its main site.  

Here's an example for when you need to tie a technology tool to a T-TESS Domain and Dimension:

Differentiation Dimension 2.4: The teacher differentiates instruction, aligning methods and techniques to diverse student needs.

For this Dimension, 2.4, I will use NearPod to create and build my lesson.  I will then have my students on their Chromebooks interacting with the lesson.  Throughout the lesson, I will ask discussion questions, multiple choice questions, and receive feedback from short answer responses.  I will gauge my questioning and pace of instruction accordingly with how my students are interacting with the NearPod lesson.

Here is a Google Presentation we did last year for one of our Geek Week PD Sessions:  It covers a couple of the Feedback and Assessment Tools listed above.

Enjoy!  Have any questions about the tools, or would like to contact the BISDwired team?  Email:

BISDwired Team:

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