T-TESS Thursday: Grow as an Educator

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Want to grow professionally?  Want to hear from and/or collaborate with other amazing educators from around the state and beyond?  Do you have something to share that has worked well in your classroom?  Then this list is for you!

We have compiled a list of upcoming Professional Growth Opportunities for you.  Some are free, some cost and some have discounts that you can have just for finding this blog post!

Now, this list may not be totally complete.  So, if you have an upcoming professional learning opportunity, please let us know, and we'll add it to this list to keep it current and updated.  You can email your professional learning opportunity (either in Texas, or beyond) to bisdwired@brenhamk-12.net.  We look forward to hearing from you...

Please provide:
  • Name of the upcoming event
  • Date, Time, and Exact Location of Event
  • Website (if applicable) to Event
  • Hashtag of the event and/or Twitter Chat
  • Graphic, Save The Date Card, PNG, Logo of the event, etc
  • Discount Code: If you'd like to supply one
  • Any other information you'd like to share.....

Ok...Ok.... now that you've emailed us your professional learning opportunity, here is our current, updated, and awesome list:

You're Welcome

So, please join our #BISDwired team as we go out and grow professionally.  And don't worry, if you can't join me on some of these awesome opportunities.....

Now, how does this all relate to T-TESS?  Well, we are trying to help you in Dimension 4.3.  We would like to help move you from Proficient to Accomplished or Distinguished.
The two key components to take into consideration when trying to move from Proficient to Distinguished are:
  • Being able to lead fellow educators.  Going out and presenting at conferences or providing/leading PD sessions on campus or at your district.  
  • Finding and participating in various opportunities outside your own campus.  That could be within your district and/or outside of your district.  You also go out and seek resources to bring back to your team and/or campus.  

Taken from the T-TESS Rubric via teachfortexas.org

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