Teaching Tip Tuesday: Feedback Technique From Matt Miller

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Feedback Technique from Matt Miller-
Sometimes the best feedback tool is talking to students. On Matt Miller's website here, he talks about going around to students and talking to them. What exactly should this conversation look like? Check it out below-
  • A compliment (positive feedback)
  • A change they could make
  • Another compliment (more positive feedback)
It sounded something like this: “Hey, that’s impressive that you remembered that word. We haven’t gone over it in a couple months! (Positive feedback.) Remember right there that you want to use the word ‘por’ because you’re talking about a length of time. (A change to make.) Other than that, it’s looking good. Keep up the good work! (Positive feedback.)”

I started thinking about this a little more, and I came up with reasons why we should give that one on one feedback with our students:
1. Sometimes our students go all day without hearing anything positive towards them.
2. Feedback is more meaningful when it is given instantly versus feedback given three days later.
3. Students feel more comfortable talking to the teacher when it is one on one versus whole group feedback.
4. When you give feedback one on one during class, it creates less work for the teacher to do later (feedback later means time out of work day).
5. Students simply appreciate direct feedback from a teacher.

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