Web Tool Wednesday: Multiple Timers

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Multiple Timers to Make Your Life/Class Easier

Have you ever needed to set multiple timers all day long, and you do not want to use your cell phone to do it?
Then check out this online timer (from timeanddate.com) here. This timer allows you to have multiple timers going on at once. This is great for when you are multi-tasking.

Check out these multiple timers below?
If you are wondering how to add another timer, look no more. Look for the button that says "add another timer" to the bottom.

As you know in education, we do not steal, but we borrow. I have to say I found this awesome tool from another educator. @MeridaElizondo is the one who shared with us the multiple timers. She was explaining how she had multiple timers set for when she did centers/stations in her secondary classroom.

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