Motivational Monday: Make a Difference

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Motivational Monday: Make a Difference

In Matt Miller's Ditch That Textbook, he encourages teachers to go out and make a difference (even if it gets messy). Here's my #booksnap on what he says.

Miller encourages educators to go out on a limb and try something new (on the limb is where you find that apple, pear, peach, etc.). It may be messy, but that is okay (Miller 219).

Have you been wanting to try something new? 
Why not try it out now?
*Try that new seating arrangement out.
*Try that new tech tool out.
*Try that new instructional tool out.
*Host a debate.
*Play a fun review game.
*Ask the students their opinion.
*Find out what the students are interested in.
*Attend a student's activity, game, or show.
*Co-teach with another teacher.
*Take your class outside.

Interested in what else Matt Miller has to say? Read his book and be inspired!

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