T-TESS Thursday: Taking Your Lesson and Stretching it Across the Curriculum

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Take Your Lesson and Stretch it Across the Curriculum

In this blog post here, Mrs. Domel talks about stretching your lesson across the curriculum. Listen to her interview below-

How do you stretch your lesson?
Math- lesson on percentages
English- write about tipping at a restaurant (what would your tip be, if you tipped 15% of your bill)
Science- lesson on biomes
English- research how much of the Earth is tundra, forest, etc.
Social Studies- lesson on vegetation in South Asia
Math- find the percent of South Asia that is tropical grassland?
English- research and write a paper on the deforestation problem in South Asia

One way to stretch your lesson across the curriculum is to use writing in all subjects. Every subject can apply writing, and this will help students not only understand your material more but become productive citizens with the ability to write well.
How do I use in writing in my subject?
Math- write the steps to solve the equation
Science- explain why your hypothesis was correct or incorrect
Social Studies- write about the impact of the industrial revolution 

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