Teaching Tip Tuesday: Engagement W/ Apple

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Having the ability to use the above apps in the classroom can be incredibly beneficial to students.  In BISD we are mostly 1:1 with Chromebooks, however, we still have some iPads in the classroom.  Thanks to Apple, their productivity apps are now free.  Now would be a wonderful time to go download these apps and start implementing in your classroom.

My favorite app to use, from the list above, is iMovie for iOS.  Amazing, and powerful app for recording, editing, and creating videos.  Easy to use for the students, and creates incredibly visual videos and trailers.  Enjoy!!

For more information, and links to the downloads, check out a recent blog from Business Insider (Tech Insider) about how "Apple just made its Microsoft Office killer free - here's how to download it." by, -Kif Leswing

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