TTESS Thursday: Taking Your Questioning to the Next Level

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Take Your Questioning to the Next Level

In this blog post here, Mrs. Toni Schwartz explains how to move from proficient to accomplished in TTESS by simply changing up your questioning. Listen to her interview here-

What exactly can you do to make your questions at a higher level for your students? Here are some ideas:


  • Instead of what was the ending to that story, ask the students to decide on a different ending to the story.
  • Instead of can you recall the main character of the story, try to ask the students if they agree or disagree with the actions that the main character took throughout the story (explain their answer).
  • Instead of what is the answer to that problem, have your students explain how to work out this problem to another student in the room.
  • Instead of giving the students a quiz, let your students create questions for a quiz you will give the students.
  • Instead of students stating their results of their science experiment to the class, have your students justify why their results turned out the way they did.
  • Instead of students explaining their lab, ask students what would have been made the lab better or different (have them defend answers).
  • Have students decide what would have happened to the US if the US would have lost a certain war. Explain how things would have turned out differently.
  • Have students award the best historical person in history, but justify your answer (and be ready to debate)

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