Web Tool Wednesday: ChatterPix + Aurasma = Interactive Teaching Tool

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This week, I got to work with Mrs. Ruiz as she took two applications (ChatterPix & Aurasma) and smashed them together to create an awesome interactive teaching tool.
Mrs. Ruiz wanted her students to learn about the Industrial Revolution around the world. Lots of people and terms came to mind when learning about this part of history, so she put her pictures, videos, and information into Aurasma and Chatterpix. Then after planning with the librarian, Sharon Logan, Mrs. Ruiz used the library's iPads as stations for groups of three.
The students did a gallery walk through all the stations. At each station, there was one iPad. When the iPad would focus in on the "trigger image," a video of information would pop to life (augmented reality part). The students took notes at each station. With some of her videos, Mrs. Ruiz took an image of a historical figure (like Charles Dickens), she then uploaded the image to ChatterPix. In ChatterPix, Ruiz drew a line where Charles Dickens's mouth was and had him talk about what he did in life. Ruiz uploaded the video into Aurasma where she created another Aura (augmented reality) station.

Check out Mr. Dickens's mouth open-

What did the students think of these videos? They loved them, and they were learning at the same time. Check out one of the stations-

Day 2, at the end of the period, Mrs. Ruiz had students create their own ChatterPix video (in less than 30 seconds) on a figure they just learned about. She not only was checking for understanding, but the students were having fun recording their voice as the historical figure's voice.

I cannot wait to hear how it goes when Mrs. Ruiz shows her students the student created ChatterPix videos.

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