Fab Find Friday: Fun With PhotoFunia

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In our department, we are always looking for great ways to make our graphics, infographics, social media headers, and more, look better and extra creative.  Well, the BISDwired team has found this awesome website for your graphic needs!

Also, check out our examples below!  We are absolutely loving this site!  Great way to have your students create awesome graphics and bring into Google slides and/or Google draw.  Create stunning graphics with their artwork from class.  Use at the end of the school year for presentations or gallery walks in your class.  

Also, some of the options will allow you to create animated GIF's.  Great for your students to present their "final products" from a PBL and/or project.  Did you have students create a Google Draw poster.... download as a PNG and upload to PhotoFunia for some awesome addition to your projects.  

Enjoy this awesome tool!  We can't wait to see what you create!

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