Our 1000th Blog Post from #BISDwired

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Here are some of our most popular blog post from this school year:
(All have over one thousand views)

Thursday, 9/8/16: 

Wednesday, 12/7/16:  

Friday, 1/6/17:  

Friday, 1/20/17:  

Friday, 2/14/17:  

Wednesday, 3/1/17:  

Ok, so now it's your turn!  Please tweet us at #bisdwired and tell us about your favorite blog post from Brenham Tech Daily this past school year (2016/2017)!  We look forward to reading it!

Feel free to also tell us in the comments below, on Facebook, and/or on your Google+ account!  Thanks! 

Finally, below in the survey, tell us why you read our blog.  Have you been a reader since 2011?  What post has meant the most to you?  What can we do to improve our content for you?  Here's to another 6 years and a thousand more posts!

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