T-TESS Thursday: Professional Development Opportunities This Summer

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Professional Development Opportunities
It is almost summer time, so it is time to start thinking about professional development opportunities. Why should you think about this? Well, it is important to grow in our profession. Also, it is part of our T-TESS Evaluation. 

We should be setting goals on how to help our students grow. As well as attending or completing professional development to help us grow as an educator. Summer is a great time to get refreshed through professional development, and it is a great time to start setting those goals for next school year.

What opportunities are out there?
*Brenham U June 6-7
*Edcamp (June 10- Austin, June 13- Magnolia,  Aug. 1- Robinson)
*Region 6 Conference Calendar (June-August)
*TEA's Professional Development (AgriLife, MyCourseRoom, ProjectShare, etc.)
*CTE Professional Development
*Gifted Plus Conference San Antonio (6/22-24)
*Twitter Chats (different days, different hashtags)

Do you know of any other conferences out there to add to our list?

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