Teaching Tip Tuesday: PBIS Incentives

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Here is an Awesome list of PBIS Incentives that you can use in your classroom!  This list comes from the website: PBIS Rewards

As we wind down the school year, we always notice (especially in education) that students tend to start acting up more frequently.  We, as educators, need to keep them active, engaged and encouraged to continue being awesome through the last day of the school year.  

This can be a tough task...

Positive incentives from this list can help keep kids motivated and be subtle rewards for students without negative reinforcement.  Some of your students might be awesome every.single.day.... so give them some quick and easy rewards for continuing this positive behavior.

Just like all your students, teachers also go crazy over incentives just for coming to work and doing great things on a daily basis... Jeans Pass Anyone?

You honestly can't tell me you wouldn't work hard for that Jeans Pass.... Well, students will work hard for fun incentives like this too!  For instance: No shoes pass, wear a baseball cap for the day pass, sit in the teacher's chair pass.  All of these incentives don't cost you anything, but they mean a lot to students, and can truly help keep all your students motivated until the end of the year. 

Alright, now go redeem that jeans pass. :) 

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