Teaching Tip Tuesday: Your BLUE Folder

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A Blue Folder

What is a BLUE folder? A folder that holds all your notes, memories, and letters from your students. I have heard this concept in many different ways, but I did not realize it had a name until talking to one of the teachers at Brenham High School. Mrs. Dismukes said that she went to a conference where the presenter said teachers should have a blue file folder to keep all your sentimental notes in. Then when you are having a rough day, you could look back at your BLUE folder and be motivated to pull through that tough time. I had heard a similar way. I was told that as a teacher you should have one drawer in your desk designated for all your student letters and notes. Mrs. Dismukes also took her folder one step further, and she created a digital folder on Google Drive titled BLUE folder. She scans in all of her notes given to her by students. She puts those notes into Drive in the blue folder (see below). It really does not matter which way you set it up, but just consider setting one up.

Let's face it in education, we have a lot of tough moments. Sometimes, we need a pick me up, and having a blue folder can help you. We have to remember in those tough times that there are students who love us and look up to us even when you feel everyone is against you.

Go make your BLUE folder, today!!

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