Web Tool Wednesday: AutoDraw by Google

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I love this new site by Google that was told to me by my good buddy, Brooke Lowery (B_outoftheBox).  At first, I'll be honest, I didn't really see the point.  However, after diving in, this site is awesome for students to use in the classroom.  Literally a digital whiteboard for students that also clarify's students drawings and concepts.  See video below for more clarification:

This site reminds me of another site we found a while back on an interactive whiteboard called, awwapp.com .  However, this site by Google can automatically correct the pictures your students draw.  Final drawings can then be downloaded as PNG's and sent to whomever needs them.  Students can even take these PNGs and uploaded to a Google Slide, Draw, Doc, and or Sheet.  Create custom logos, posters, etc with ease.
See my drawing below of the water cycle:

Another great aspect in regards to using AutoDraw is that students will no longer be just copying and pasting into a Google Draw from the internet.  This will allow them to freely draw out their ideas and put their concepts down on paper.  

Huge perk is when a teacher has touchscreen Chromebooks in their classroom.  Much easier to draw and paint with a touchscreen!


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