Web Tool Wednesday: Let's Make an eBook

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Let's Make an eBook!

It was a year ago when I heard about students creating eBooks. It was at TCEA 2016, and it was the last session of the day. Everyone was leaving and calling it a night, but this session looked really good. I decided to stay; I am so happy I did. Jill Fay, I believe, was the presenter, so thank you for your session.

How do you make an eBook? It is easy!
Click here for slides.

Here are some ideas of using eBooks in your classroom-
  • Have students create an eBook to read to younger students.
  • Have students make a children's eBook based on the chapter book they read.
  • Have students make a how to manual.
  • Have students keep a diary that they turn into an eBook.
There are tons more ideas out there. Do you have any suggestions?

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