Summer Saturday Snippet: Turn Your Doc Into a Form

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Turn Your Google Document Into a Google Form
Do you have Google Docs in your Drive that are quizzes or tests for your students? Or, do you have some old tests that you had in a Word Document that you copied and pasted into a Google Doc? Do you want to get those documents into forms? Then install the add-on, Doc to Form
Remember, that this is an add-on, so you must open your Google Doc first. Then click "Add-ons" and click "Get add-ons" button. Once you add it, then it will always be under your Add-Ons. 

Using the Add-On is Simple
1. Click "Add-ons" and click "Create Form From Doc"
2. A side bar will pop up on the right side. 
3. Highlight the first question on the Google Doc.
4. Then click "use selected text" and check which type of question type it is. If it is multiple choice or checkbox, then you can copy and paste answer choices in the text box. 
5. Keep adding questions until you are finished, and then click "create form" and "view form" button.

Take Your Doc to Form

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