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Fab Find Friday: Charades/Heads Up for Vocabulary

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Make Vocabulary Fun
How do you make vocabulary fun? You put your vocabulary words into the app- Charades or Heads Up (or you have the students put the words into the app). I know I said the dreaded word “app” just now. If you are a chromebook user, no worries, this is available for Android and Apple users. We are a chromebook district, too, but the best part is the new chromebooks now have the ability to run Android apps (can you say amazing?).
heads up new.png
This is not a new tool. It has been around, but I felt it was noteworthy to bring up because of the Android apps now on a lot of the Chromebooks. Also, you don’t need to have a lot of devices to do this. Put your students in groups or do it as a whole class. The best part is students are talking about the vocabulary words.
Here is the app that I use. There are paid versions and free versions of the app.

Step by Step Directions for Charades app:
1. Go into the app. Click on quick play.
2. Click on the custom button to the left.
3. Click the “add new deck” button.
4. Name your deck and click add.
5. Click play to start playing or share the deck with others.

Let the vocabulary fun begin!!

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