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Twitter Thursday: 17 Educators to Follow in 2017

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Tom Spall

17 Educators To Follow In 2017:
(In No Particular Order)

1.) Jeremy Stewart
I met Jeremy at @EdCampCSTX last year!  This guy had so much motivation to give and had a great positive attitude!  I could talk to Jeremy for hours!  Great guy to follow on social media!  Always providing daily insight into education.  Plus, he is constantly lending his thoughts and knowledge to Twitter chats!
Jeremy Stewart

Jeremy Stewart

@J_Stew314 Follows you

@CollegeViewHS3 AP | @AggieRugbyCoach | Voxer & Skype @J_Stew314 | #CSISDchat & #EdCampCSTX Co-Founder | Living The Dream! Tweets=mine | #CVHSTwolves
College Station, Tx
Joined April 2011
2.) Caleb Hudgens
Caleb is constantly keeping me on my toes with the awesome content he’s pushing out near South Austin, in Hays, TX.  Another very positive and passionate educator.  Loves his job providing content and expertise in his field of work as a Digital Learning Coach!  This is a guy you have to meet face-to-face…. Very awesome individual!  Glad my friends, @EdTxAnn and @rphife introduced me to him.

Caleb Hudgens

@calebhudgens Follows you

Digital Learning Coach @lehmanhighlobos #hayscisd. Google Certified Trainer. TXState alumnus. #edtech
Hays County, Texas
Joined September 2009
Born on September 30
Caleb Hudgens
3.)Tony Vincent
Wow!  I thought I was great with graphics and Google Drawings…. Well…. Then I found Tony Vincent on Twitter!  Daily, if not hourly, Tony is pushing out excellent #edtech content!  Awesome guy to follow!  What I love about Tony is the fact that he doesn’t just tweet his own stuff…. He’ll take time out of his day to retweet, share, and comment on other educator’s posts.  Also, Tony is always willing to conduct professional development opportunities for educators both near and far!
Tony Vincent

Tony Vincent

@tonyvincent Follows you

💥 I do what I can to help students and teachers be even more awesome.
Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA
Joined February 2007
Born on August 29
4.) Matt Miller
I was starstruck when I finally had the opportunity to meet the amazing Matt Miller this past Spring at the annual Texas Google Summit put on by @techs4tex.  Amazing author and blogger!  Recently had a great opportunity to collaborate on a blog post with him!  Love the daily content he’s pushing out via his website and social media accounts.  Best thing I can say about Matt…. This guy is a genuine, down-to-earth, positive, awesome human being.  Tons of respect to him for living life right.

Matt Miller

@jmattmiller Follows you

Educator. #DitchBook Author. Textbook ditcher. GCI #GTAATX. Blogger. Speaker. Podcaster. Christ follower. Happy husband/dad of 3. Livin' the dream.
Indiana #DitchBook #GTTribe
Joined May 2011
Born on September 17
Matt Miller
5.) Brittni Branton
I’ve been following Brittni Branton for years on Twitter!  From when she first came to Brenham ISD as an amazing middle school educator, to when she was absolutly innovative for our Elementary Libraries as the head librarian, to now, as one of the best Instructional Tech Specialists in the state of Texas.  I’m so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with her and Troy Kuhn every single day via the @BISDwiredTeam!  Brittni is constantly looking for the next big thing for educators.  Daily innovation, strong work ethic, and positive attitude are three things that I respect and admire about my friend, Brittni!
Brittni Branton

Brittni K. Branton

@BrantonTech Follows you

Instructional Technology Specialist in Brenham ISD & Google Education Certified Educator Lvl 2~Love to read, inspire, provide, & teach~
Joined August 2013
6.) Michael Ogg
By far one of the best guys I know.  Michael is the first educator that introduced me to the power of Twitter!  Because of him and the many, MANY opportunities he’s given me, I am in the position I have today.  Upon signing up for Twitter, he told me to follow three awesome individuals: Jessica Johnston, Ann DeBolt, and Kim Strauss.  From there, my Twitterness began!  Ogg has added so many great techniques and strategies to my teaching philosophy and pedagogy.  Highly inspirational and extremely motivational… a must FOLLOW for educators!  Proud to call you a friend.

Michael Ogg

@PrincipalOgg Follows you

Lead Learner @AltonElementary | Husband | Father | #TXed | Love learning new ideas & sharing with others | Luke 1:37 | #AltonHero #IChooseBrenham
Joined January 2012
Born on August 24
Michael Ogg
7.) Kasey Bell
What has Kasey Bell not taught me? Lol.  Seriously, #edtech genius!  Positive, smart, and very motivational!  Kasey is constantly pushing out amazing content!  Awesome person to follow!  Also, a must, please hear her give a keynote speech… she’s incredible!  Not only great on social media, but check out her fantastic website:
Kasey Bell

Kasey Bell

@ShakeUpLearning Follows you

Child of God, Teacher, Google Certified Innovator, Google Certified Trainer, EdCamper, blogger...dedicated to making a difference in student learning
Dallas, TX
Joined March 2008
8.) Meredith Akers
I was fortunate enough to meet Meredith last year at @edcampgrow in Brenham, TX.  Meredith has an amazing vision for how schools and education should operate.  She is EXTREMELY smart and passionate when it comes to instruction, curriculum, and technology.  Meredith is already moving mountains in education… I can’t wait to see what she does next!  Honestly, innovative should be her middle name!  Meredith Innovative Akers.  Keep rocking it, friend!

Meredith Akers

@meredithakers Follows you

Assistant Principal @AultElem | Believer | Wife | Mother | Co-mod of #TXed & #CFISDAPchat | #ElemAP Tribe | Google Certified Educator Level 1 & 2 |
Houston, TX
Joined September 2013
Meredith Akers
9.) Aaron Hogan
I honestly don’t think Aaron Hogan has ever met a stranger.  This guy is seriously one of the most genuine and kindest guys I’ve met.  Passionate about education and positive change in schools.  Huge motivator and game changer in education reform.  Awesome blog writer and recently new author of: “Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth”.  Basically, an all around fantastic educator!  Totally a guy that is going places in education!  Follow him right now!
Aaron Hogan

Aaron Hogan

@aaron_hogan Follows you

questioner | interests: SEL, innovation, community | author - Shattering the Perfect #TeacherMyth | #EdCampCSTX & #CSISDchat co-founder
College Station, TX
Joined June 2009
10.) Alex Corbitt
Stumbled across Alex a while back on Twitter.  I’m so glad I did!  Fantastic educator from New York City!  Always pushing out great education content over instructional practices, technology tools, educational philosophies, #edtech tips and strategies, and much more!  I’m retweeting his content almost every single day.  Great addition to my PLN!  Another educator that will also retweet, share, and comment back to you!  Great collaborator and educator to bounce ideas off of.

Alex Corbitt

@Alex_Corbitt Follows you

•Passionate English teacher in The Bronx, NY •Striving to innovate, collaborate, and share
New York City
Joined November 2014
Alex Corbitt
11.) Alice Keeler
Alice Keeler is literally “it” right now in education.  Not only is she amazing with everything G-Suite, including being phenomenal with Google Classroom, but she is an excellent resource for instructional ideas, best practices, and much more!  Whenever a newbie is just getting onto Twitter, and they ask me… “who should I follow first?”.... I always say, “Me!... oh, and of course, the amazing Alice Keeler!!” What’s also great about Alice is that you can ask her a question on Twitter, and she’ll almost immediatly get back to you with an answer…. Or find someone in her PLN that can.  A must follow for any educator!
Alice Keeler

Alice Keeler


Mom of 5, Teacher, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Google Certified Teacher, NMCk12 Ambassador, MIE, gamification, #coffeeEDU, coder
Fresno, CA
Joined October 2010
Born on October 6, 1976
12.) Jennifer Vest
Truly honored to call Jennifer Vest my friend!  Newly hired Principal for Brenham Elementary School (@BrenhamElem) in Brenham, TX!  Jennifer is literally a game changer for education!  Organized, structured, innovative, positive, ….. I could go on and on.  Already doing great things in Brenham ISD.  Great person to follow on Twitter for actual classroom instructional tips and strategies.  Jennifer is constantly on Twitter promoting  her campus educators and countless others in her PLN.  Follow her and #seaofcubs for more insight!  

Jennifer Vest

@PrincipalVest Follows you

Joined June 2010
Born on December 23
Jennifer Vest
13.) Joli Boucher
I recently added Joli Boucher to my PLN.  Great content coming out from her via her social media accounts and fabulous website!  Great with both #edtech and instructional strategies!  A great collaborator to have in your PLN!  She hooked me in with her amazing hyperdrawings!!!!  Game changing templates for educators to use!  Trust me… this is just the beginning for Joli Boucher… she’s going places!!
Joli Boucher

Joli Boucher

@joliboucher Follows you

Mom, Google for Edu Certified Trainer/#hyperdrawings/ Seesaw Ambassador/ TIS/ BrainPop Cert/ Summit Speaker/ Tweeting my own thoughts.
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Joined December 2015
14.) Todd Nesloney
Todd is the epitome of motivation and is an extreme advocate for students!  Todd was one of the first five educators I followed upon joining Twitter 5 years ago.  If you are ever having a bad day, Todd will get you into gear!  Positive, friendly, personable, innovative, and an overall great friend to have in your PLN!  Todd is an award winning author (Kids Deserve It), blogger, podcaster, speaker, elementary principal, and much more!  Constantly tweeting out great things going on at his Elementary school, instructional strategies, best practices, student motivation ideas, ways to connect with your students, parents, teachers, and community, and much more!

Todd Nesloney

@TechNinjaTodd Follows you

Principal at @Webb_Elem, White House Champion of Change, TEDx Speaker, NSBA 20 to Watch & Co-Founder & Co-Author of @KidsDeserveIt #KidsDeserveIt
Navasota, TX
Joined May 2012
Born on March 11
Todd Nesloney
15.) Eric Curts
Eric is an awesome educator to follow on Twitter.  Literally pushing out amazing #edtech, educational, instructional, and curriculum content all day long…. 24/7…. Like, literally, I don’t think Eric sleeps. ;) .  Amazing innovator, and fantastic blogger, Eric is someone you totally want in your PLN!  Check out his blog,
Eric Curts

Eric Curts

@ericcurts Follows you

Family man, Tech Integrationist, Writer, Google Apps Certified Trainer and Innovator, Table-top Gamer, Geek, blog at
Joined December 2008
Born on June 25, 1969
16.) Jake Miller
Jake…. Oh awesome, Jake!  Jake is my most recent PLN addition.  This guy’s GIF game is off the hook!  But, what is so amazing about his use of GIF’s is that they are all extremely beneficial for instruction.  His GIF’s will teach you stuff you never knew you could do!  Also, Jake is fantastic at collaborating with other educators on Twitter!  He loves to comment, share, retweet, and collaborate with others!   We need to steal him away from Ohio and transport him to good ol’ Texas. :)  If you are looking for a current game changer in education, Jake is your guy!  A must Follow!!!!!!

Jake Miller

@JakeMillerTech Follows you

authorized Google Education Trainer, Tech Integration Specialist in OrangeCS, Former #SMFCSD #STEM Math & Sci Teacher, #GAFE Nerd, spreadsheet fan, father of 3.
Kent, OH
Joined March 2012
Jake Miller
17.) Jeff Mann
I love following Jeff on Twitter!  Always providing great content!  Tweets, likes, retweets, and shares constantly!  Highly motivating and encouraging.  A great leader to follow!  
Jeff Mann

Jeff Mann

@Mann4Edu Follows you

Husband; Principal; Educator; Student; Runner; Motivator; Inspiration Seeker; Fan of #CSISDchat #TXPVI #EdCampCSTX#txeduchat & #LeadUpChat #BeTheSpark
College Station
Joined June 2012

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