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Web Tool Wednesday: Google Docs Revision Update

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Google Docs Revision Update
As we have discussed many times, Google is constantly coming out with updates to make their products better. One of the updates they have come out with is in their Google Doc. Now, when you go to the revision history part (remember it says the "last edit was..."), you can retitle the revision updates.

Here's how it works:
1. Beside a revision, click on the three dots.
2. You can now name the version of this revision.
3. You can also click the "Only show named versions" to see only the versions that are titled.

Why is this helpful?
You are able to see what revisions the student has made. Sometimes, you may ask for several revisions, rough drafts, Works Cited, etc., so now you or your students can name the different revisions with a title (and the date is below), and you can see the different versions of the paper nice and neatly. At any time, you can switch off the button that says "Only show named versions" to be able to see all the dates as titles.

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