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Monday Reflections: Educator, Laura Weiss, @LauraWeiss19

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Monday Reflections with Elementary Educator,
Laura Weiss, @LauraWeiss19

What do you enjoy most right now about your campus?
There are many, many aspects of Krause that I enjoy. The endless energy of the teachers, the awesome administrative team, the ​amazing support staff always willing to help, and most of all the smiling faces of our students each and every day!

Describe a recent lesson that you have enjoyed?
I love any lesson where the students are collaborating and learning. In a recent lesson we played "pocket change" in which we determined how much money Mrs. Weiss had in her pocket( I would pull play money from my pocket). Then, they worked with a partner and rotated to "pocket change" stations through google classroom. Watching them touch the money and work as team while I listened. It was simple, but powerful, and the kids were having fun!

What technology tools do you like using most in class right now?
I use Class Dojo daily for my classroom management. It is amazing to watch my students get excited about earning Dojo points. I direct my students to my symbaloo page daily to find websites I want them to utilize for my lessons, and of course their is always an assignment waiting for them in Google Classroom. Screen - Cast - Omatic is my final go to tool for recording a quick lesson and sending it through remind to give parents support at home.

What is something that your admin does that you appreciate?
Our administration at Krause does a great job of making our kids feel safe and welcome. Every morning they are out at car duty smiling, singing, and dancing with the kids as they get ready for the day. They always have an open door policy and are always willing to listen and lend a hand. They are constantly looking for ways to make Krause better together!

In the past month, what is a new teaching philosophy, idea, strategy, or pedagogy you have tried to adapt in your classroom?
I am really working with my students on having a growth mindset. To believe that they can, no matter how many times they fail. To know that I am there help them, not to judge them, and that their effort will make the difference in their success.

What are you looking forward to most this school year?
This year I am really looking forward watching my students grow and have fun learning. I believe that if students are having fun, the learning will come. Engagement is half the battle. When I can feel the energy in the room, I know I am doing what's best for my kids.

Suggestion for new educators:
At this point in my career as an educator, the one piece of advice I would give a new teacher is to find a classroom management system that is going to be good fit for both you and your students. Begin day 1, be consistent, and always reiterate expectations ( I still do it daily). Students know, but they easily forget. Gain their respect and their heart and you will have an amazing year!

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