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Tech Tip Thursday: Top 6 Google Drawing Hacks

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One of my favorite tools to use in my job, as an Instructional Technology Specialist, is Google Drawings!  I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I use it for:
  • Infographics
  • Graphic organizers
  • Posters
  • Social media post, profile pics, and page headers
  • Graphics to embed into Google Sites, and Forms
  • Annotating literally everything
    • Including test/quiz questions
    • Tutorial how-to’s
    • Screenshots
    • Etc...
  • App smashing with Canva, Bitmoji, and many other apps
  • Creating my own “Thinglink” type of hyper-poster
  • Making excellent comic book strips
  • Hyperdrawings for student engagement
  • And much, much more!

It’s crazy to think of how much Google Drawings has helped me during my job as an ITS over the past 4 years!  I love that Ann DeBolt is the awesome educator that taught me how to use Google Drawings in the first place.

Over the years I’ve learned some great HACKS along the way… check out some of the hacks below and try to incorporate them into your creative awesomeness!  

Custom Page Sizes
Need to have the perfect size template or graphic for those social media headers, google form headers, or websites? In Google Drawings, you can set your page up right at the beginning with custom page sizes! They even let you switch to pixels for specific sizes.

App Smashing With Bitmoji and PNG's
One of my favorite ways to make custom logos is to app-smash with other tools such as Bitmoji.  Bitmoji is a custom-made avatar with your likeness.  Also, it can be added as an extension and easily brought into a Google Draw!  Note:  If you bring a picture in from Google using the explore feature... type PNG in the search after your keyword.  Great for finding transparent background images!

Gradient Backgrounds and Shapes
I always knew you could change the background in Google Drawings, but I never noticed gradident backgrounds until recently!  Very cool!  Adds depth to your graphics.  Also, I love all the shapes, callouts, etc you can add to your graphics/logos.

Color Picker Extension and Transparent Overlays/Backgrounds
I ALWAYS want to match my google drawings with like-minded colors, website/business/etc colors, and other colors I find online.  Hence, why I love that I found the Color Picker Extension!  Great for color matching!  Open up a paint store website with sample swatches and let your creativity run wild!

Rubber Stamp Tool
My buddy Ann DeBolt introduced me to this amazing tool!  Great at duplicating colors, lines, fonts, etc from other areas in your Google Drawing!  Watch below....

Downloading When Finished
I always download my graphics as PNG's and load them up to an area I need to.  

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