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Fab Find Friday: Quizlet Diagrams, Think Visual, Think Vocabulary

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Quizlet Diagrams
We have all heard of Quizlet, and we especially have heard of Quizlet Live. However, have you heard of Quizlet Diagrams? I was first introduced to Quizlet Diagrams through a friend, Kaleigh Wehmeyer. She told me that I just had to check it out. Wow, I was impressed. They have so many diagrams to choose from that are already made. You can also make the diagrams, if you do not find one you like.
There are tons of diagrams for each subject. Once you click on a diagram, there are hotspots or vocabulary terms in each diagram. You can review the terms in the diagram, and then you can scroll down and look at the word and definition for each part of the diagram individually. Here is what it looks like-
Vocabulary that is a part of diagram.

If you know me, you know that I am always looking for a way that this is applicable to each subject.
Here is a biology example-
Here is an agricultural example-
Here is a culinary example-
Here is a statistics example-
Here is an English example-
Here is a social studies example-

I encourage you to go now to Quizlet, and go see if you can find a diagram for what you are studying.

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