Teaching Tip Tuesday: 6 Tips to Survive Between Thanksgiving and Winter Break

6 Tips to Survive Between Thanksgiving and Winter Break

Thanksgiving break just got finished, and the students are talkative, are excited about Winter Break, are hyper from all the sweets, and are not focused on learning right now. How will educators survive these weeks before Winter Break?

#6 Refresh the students on your procedures and rules weekly.
The students have most likely forgotten some of the rules and procedures in your classroom. Take 5-10 minutes to review some of the rules and procedures each week until the Winter Break.

#5 Stick to your rules. Don’t let up because it is almost winter break.
We all want to go a little easier because it is almost the holidays, but we have to stick to our classroom policy we created. If we let one student slide a little bit, then all the students will think it is okay to slide.

#4 Use incentives to get desired behavior.
Sometimes, the students need a little motivation to do well. Why not motivate the students with bonus points (if your school allows it), munch and read the day before the break if all missing work is turned in, a learning day outside if there are no bad reports from the sub, a rap or flip from you, if the students have the desired behavior you are asking for, or anything else you think would motivate the students?
#3 Don’t forget to add some engaging and interactive lessons.
Students love to be engaged. How about trying those VR goggles out to see a place you have been studying (or using 360cities.net on your laptop)? What about dressing up and acting out your lesson? How about borrowing the microphone ball from your tech department to do a socratic circle?

#2 Say “no” when you just cannot add one more “to do” to your plate.
Sometimes, you just have to say, “no” when you are running low on fumes. Don’t feel obligated to decorate your classroom with ten Christmas trees just because your neighboring teacher is doing it. Why not just put one amazing tree up?! If someone asks you to go to a Christmas cookie party, but you really need to finish lesson planning and grading, then it is okay to say, “no” and reschedule for another time.

#1 Keep your cool no matter what is thrown at you.

The break between Thanksgiving and Winter Break is not going to be easy, but you can do it. Remember to keep your cool no matter what is thrown your way. When the Winter Break arrives, do remember to take time for yourself. Read a good book, binge watch a tv show, go for a run, drink hot chocolate, or do something that you enjoy the most.