Throwback Thursday- Don't Forget to Utilize KhanAcademy- Technology Teaching Tip Thursday: Using Khan Academy in Your Classroom

Throwback Thursday: Don't Forget to Utilize Khan Academy
We know that Khan Academy is amazing from core classes to AP classes. However, did you know there is SAT prep, personal finance prep, college admission prep, and Hour of Code?

Using Khan Academy in Your Classroom
I have had several teachers (Mrs. Fielding, Mrs. Markos, Mrs. Dismukes) tell me that they love to use Khan Academy. I had heard of Khan Academy a few years ago, and I thought they were a great resource for instructional videos. However, I never gave it another thought until this year when I heard my teachers talking about using it. Mrs. Fielding told me that her students use it for extra practice in Economics, Mrs. Markos said there was a lot of information out there for her AP classes, and Mrs. Dismukes and I dove in and found tons of math videos and practice.

Why use this?
*It is FREE
*It is extra practice
*It is an accurate, reliable resource for every grade level
*It works with Google Classroom
*There are tons of subjects-

How does it work?
This website can be used for extra practice. Anyone (parents, students) can go to this site and search for the topic that they want extra help on- DNA, solving quadratics, etc. There are practice problems, practice questions, and tutorial videos.

Teachers can even assign practices with Google Classroom, and they can track student progress.


  1. Khan Academy is also an instructional partner with NWEA (the company that provides our universal screener).

    1. Awesome! Thank you, Mrs. Murphy, for letting us know!


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