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Fab Find Friday: Chrome Bookmark Tips

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Chrome Bookmark Tips

Managing and keeping up with all your saved bookmarks can be a hassle.  But, did you know you can edit and organize your bookmarks to fit more of them on your bookmark bar?  If you right click on a saved bookmark (Alt + Click via a Chromebook) you can click on edit and change the way the bookmark has been saved.  Most of the time when the bookmark is automatically saved its name is incredibly long.  Editing the name of the bookmark will free up space for more folders and bookmarks on your bookmark bar.

Usually, I only want the saved bookmark image and not the name of the bookmark.  To do this: go to edit, then delete the name of the bookmark, then save.  Now your saved bookmark will only be an icon.

Also, use your bookmark bar manager to create bookmark files for easier access, organization, and efficiency.  You can get there by right-clicking on a bookmark and going to bookmark manager.  Or, go to your settings, hover over bookmarks, and then click on bookmark manager.

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