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Tech Tip Thursday: Google Keep Reminds You

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Tech Tip Thursday: Google Keep Reminds You 

No matter where you go, Google Keep is with you. 

Over the break, I used my personal Google Keep to keep track of all my Christmas lists. I would get sent a list or image through text or email. I then would save that text or image in my Keep. That way I could easily access those lists wherever I went instead of scrolling through group text messages trying to figure out where someone’s list was located. I realized that I was using the notes part great, but I was underutilizing the reminder section of Google Keep.

How many times do we write a note down, but forget to come back to it? How many times do we repost something really cool on Twitter or Facebook, but don’t re-visit it? Or, pin so many cool ideas on Pinterest, but then don’t ever remember what you pinned?

Start utilizing the reminder section of Google Keep. Start setting a reminder for when you need to call a parent, when you have a parent conference, when you have a faculty meeting, when you need to send information to parents, when you have certain deadlines, when you need to go by the bank before they close, and more! 

When you make a note, you should see an image of a finger with a ribbon around it (this is the reminder symbol). 

You can set a reminder for tomorrow or next week, or my favorite, you can customize the reminder date/time. 

This reminder will go off on your Google Calendar, Chrome, and Android Device. See how my reminder popped up while I was working on my laptop. 

*IMPORTANT* Make sure your reminders are turned on in your Google Calendar. I have found a lot of people do not have the Reminders Calendar turned on, so their reminders are not popping up on their Google Calendars.

If your Reminders calendar is on, then you will be able to see the reminders on your calendar. This is what it looks like-

If you are having problems with your reminder showing up, then read Google’s Help Desk answers on it-

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