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Web Tool Wednesday - CuePrompter

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For several years I've been working with students creating videos for a school film festival.  No matter how much they prepare, it's inevitable that someone forgets their lines.  When I heard about, I knew it would help us cut down on mistakes are retakes. is a free teleprompter site.  that displays whatever typed script you would like scrolling on your screen. 

It's very easy to use. Type or paste your script into the text box on the site, then select from a variety of choices such as: width, height, font size, and color. 

Then click "Start Prompter" and you script will appear and start to scroll.  You can adjust the speed as well as rewind or stop. 
Have another student hold up the device that it's showing on, and you have an instant teleprompter.  Of course you can use this for more than just filming, it could also be used for student presentations in place of note cards, having key points that they want to hit while still making eye contact with the class.  
Best of all you don't have to log in, just visit the site and go. 

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