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Must Know Monday: Preparing for a Tech Conference (Like TCEA)

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Must  Know Monday: Preparing for a Tech Conference (Like TCEA)

This week is the week of a big tech conference for us Texans- TCEA. As everyone is preparing to leave (even if you are not leaving), it is good to keep in mind these tips when getting ready for a tech conference like TCEA.

  • Bring a sweater/jacket
It can get cold in some of the rooms, so it is great to have a light sweater along with you.
  • Pack comfortable shoes
There will be a LOT of walking, so be sure to bring comfortable shoes. The conference center is huge, and the rooms are spread out.
  • Download the TCEA app
Get the app downloaded before you go so you can scope out the great sessions at the conference. I like to have a plan of sessions I would like to go to mapped out before I go. Plan backup sessions in case the session you walk into is full or not as helpful as you thought it would be.
  • Follow the TCEA hashtag (#TCEA18)
Even if you are not going to TCEA, be sure to follow the hashtag. The hashtag is a gold mine of information (links to presentations, tech tips, and more).
  • Bring cards with your name and contact information
Get ready to meet and collaborate with lots of educators. Bring some business cards or create some cards with your name, email, and Twitter handle. If you see something cool, don’t be afraid to give your card to a presenter to ask for a follow-up. Or, ask for their contact information.
  • Bring a small device to take notes
I like to bring my Chromebook to take notes on when I go to different sessions. Bring a device that is small (big ones get heavy to carry). A tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android device, or Chromebook is great to have when you need to bookmark a website or take notes on what a presenter says. You will be so glad you have those notes when you go back home to review.

Hopefully, these few tips will help you be prepared for a tech conference like TCEA. Any other packing tips you have for our readers?

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