Teaching Tip Tuesday: ClassroomScreen

Teaching Tip Tuesday: ClasroomScreen

We've shown teachers where to find random name picker sites/apps:

We've spent countless hours teaching teachers about QR generators, timers, and sound level websites:

But, what if we told you all this could be on ONE, organized, simple to use, website?  

Enter one of the greatest classroom management tools:

This website has all of the following on one simple page:

Various languages, backgrounds, random name picker + interactive dice, sound level tool, QR code generator, drawing tools, text box, classroom management icons, traffic light, timer, clock, and a simple exit poll tool.

The exit poll can be found in the lower right-hand corner, above the full-screen button:

Here are some great ClassroomScreen tips from the creator,

 Finally... here is some information about the awesome creator of ClassroomScreen:

Find them on Twitter, HERE!